Monday, August 23, 2010

Blyth circa 1910


September 24 -25 - 26, 2010

These are CULTURE DAYS throughout Ontario.

Individuals and groups across the province are inviting everyone to see, enjoy, celebrate, admire the products of their works, talent, creativity, humour, expression, whatever they do.

Huron County has organized many activities and diversions under the newly minted term, "Communitrees". All across the county! Everyone is invited to walk around, bike around, or drive around to see the huge array of interesting offerings.

A basic rule is that all of these events and activities must be FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!

To get more detailed information about Culture Days, Google "Culture Days Ontario" and you'll get many informative hits.

Janis and I will have our own little contribution to this celebration on that weekend.

We can't invite crowds to our two bedroom walk up apartment and we don't have access to a spacious lawn or garden.

So we are inviting people to make a virtual visit to us. Mainly it's an invitation for people who have questions about Blyth ancestors or acquaintances, and who have some burning interest in Blyth's history. We invite people to take advantage of these three days to send us questions about Aunt Martha, or the funeral of great grandfather Scott, or who built the Blyth Inn, or what was the first church built in Blyth, or any other questions.

How to reach us: Look us up on the Culture Days Ontario web site. To find us, just type in our postal code in a box placed on the site to enable you to find all the events taking place within that postal district. Our code is N0M 1H0. So far we are the only event within this postal code, but many other nearby events will come up as well.

You will be able to phone in your request, email us, or write us a letter. We will make a limited number of appointments for site visits for those who need extensive access to the information.

We have no idea how many people will call or what kinds of information they will be seeking. We might be flooded with calls and our mail boxes may be overflowing. Or we might have a very lonely boring three days, staring at the phone.

We may be able to reply immediately to your query, or we may need to do some digging and get back to you ASAP. For most calls we will have a simple form on which we will record your question, and your contact information. In some cases a response will come almost immediately; in other cases, it might take a few days to find your answers. We may also need to start a dialogue with you to track down elusive information.

Why are we doing this?

In part it is shameless self-promotion. We have this marvelous collection. Most people who come to us or consult us by phone or email or in person are amazed at the extent and depth of our collected information. In a few cases people have said "You know more about my family than I do!"

We are in touch with people almost every day of the year. Often we have people come here and spend several hours poring through our binders or reference cards. Some come here often.

We want this collection to be as available to as many people as possible. We hope that by tapping into the marvelous promotion created for Culture Days that our efforts may be accessible to hundreds of people who would otherwise never know about this resource.

If you know of anyone whose ancestors came from Blyth, let them know about this event.

The Repository of Blyth History

Brock Vodden

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