Thursday, January 20, 2011

Norman P. Garrett, Principal

The Continuation School offered students the chance to acquire a High School Graduation Certificate right here in the village of Blyth. There were three teachers, including the principal, and three classrooms, one of which was set up as a science lab.

Students wishing to go on to Grade 13 (aka Upper School) for and Honours Graduation Certificate had to attend school elsewhere. Virtually everyone from Blyth went to Clinton Collegiate. There was no transportation provided by the school boards; students could travel to Clinton and back by the London, Huron and Bruce train or by automobile, or they might board during the week with a family in Clinton.

Jan and I can identify a few of the students. Not all of the students are full time residents of Blyth. Some will be from other townships or villages who either board with local families or who commute from other areas each day.

Here are the people whom we can identify:

Back Row from the left: #2. Nora Kelly #8 Gertrude Elliott #13 Dorothy Poplestone # 14 Teacher (unidentified) #15 Principal Garrett
Middle Row from left: #1 Marcella McLean #4 Edyth Lockhart #6 Irene Cole #9 Jessie Richmond #13 Edith Beacom.
Front Row from left: #2 ____ Lyon #4 _____ Scrimgeour?

If you can identify any others, please let me know, or if I have erred in identifying, tell me that, too.

This school building was erected in 1896, replacing the former school which is now an apartment building on the east side of Queen street north.

The Continuation School was closed in 1946. That is when busing began, to take all 9 - 13 students to Clinton Collegiate Institute (CCI), now known as Central Huron Secondary School.

I will be entering other school pictures from other eras soon.

Contact me if you would like to have your own copy of this picture.

Brock Vodden

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