Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canadian Democracy Threatened

Our Member of parliament in this riding of Huron-Bruce is Mr. Ben Lobb, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Ben is running for re-election in the big event which takes place May 2, 2011.

I like Ben. I've met him several times, and each time he has been doing something or presenting something which is good for this area, and he speaks well and sincerely about the meaning of the task he is performing. A couple of times Ben has gone to bat for the Huron County organization when the government of which he is a part has been doing something which is clearly harmful to the good efforts of our County. He has been successful in one of these attempts, which is no small achievement for  a rookie MP.

Every time I see Ben, and even when I see his campaign signs - hundreds of them - I feel sad. I am sad that this fine young man is part of this dreadful Conservative Party of Canada and the government headed by the most dangerous prime minister Canada has ever had.

I was especially sad the other day when I learned that Ben had told a lie in an interview. It was no a slip of the tongue. It was a deliberate pre-programmed lie. He said that the opposition parties had brought the government down by voting against the Conservative budget. Of course that is not true. Mr. Harper's government was found in contempt of parliament, and was defeated by a vote of no confidence. That means that the majority of the members of parliament have no confidence in the government. That situation obliges the government to resign.

Why am I so concerned about this "one small fib"? It is because this little fib is part of a culture of lies, deceptions, ethical lapses, dishonourable  actions, unparliamentary gaffs, anti-democratic ploys that have been deliberately and methodically perpetrated by Prime Minister Steven Harper and spread by members of his robotic cabinet and his faithful backbenchers. I have always respected the office of prime minister, even when I did not completely agree with his/her policies and principles. Until now!

The only political party I have ever joined was the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. When Peter McKay sold out that party to the Reform and Alliance gangs to form the Conservative Party of Canada, and elected Harper as leader, they sent me a membership card for the new party. I tore it up right away.

There are former Progressive Conservatives in the Tory caucus, but we don;t hear much from. Peter McKay has remained in cabinet in a major post, but I suspect this is his payment for betraying his original party. However there is no vestige of the values and principles that drew me to the PC party in the past.

The big lie, unfortunately. seems to have worked for Harper, although I am sure that a large part of the creidit for the last minute surge in the NDP camp is the result of people deciding they have had enough of Stevie's lies.

My new motto "ANYBODY BUT HARPER".

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