Thursday, July 19, 2012

Major Changes to this Blog

Blyth ladies in front of a commercial building that no longer exists. It was between the CIBC bank and Sharon's Miniature Museum.

This Blog, All About Blyth, is returning to its roots. From now on, it's going to be, well - all about Blyth. Mostly historical "news", heritage pictures, historical accounts, research findings, and insider information on the Repository of Blyth History will be the fare from now on.

Comments on Wingham Free Press will be presented in my new blog, named "Shadow of Wingham Free Press". Its address is

Feedback from a number of sources indicated that some people felt that the discussion of the sordid blasts out of the WFP was incompatible with the original purpose of this Blog.

I was capitalizing on the strong following as a means of getting the word out that WFP is having a severe negative effect in our community - including Blyth. The WFP criticism drew a very substantial following of people who were not joining us out of interest in Blyth history, and I think their participation had a positive effect.

So if you want to get the REAL story behind the babbling of Stephen Hill and the no-name friends of his, go to "Shadow of Wingham Free Press" at the above address. You can add a comment, positive or negative at the end of any of the items in the blog. If the language is adult and clean, and the point is worth considering, I'll post your comments on that Blog.

I am pleasantly surprised at the number of people making contact through this medium - well over 3,000 hits per month.

Everyone is welcome to tune in at this site for information that is  All About Blyth.

Thanks for the visit!

Brock Vodden

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