Monday, May 27, 2013

Blood Money From Sale of Our School

Former Blyth Public School

Director of Finance for Avon Maitland School Board, Jane Baird-Jackson, proudly announces that the sales of this school and one other (Brussels) have been concluded. She adds that there are very tight restrictions on what these funds can be used for.

It is important to point out that there were also "tight restrictions" on how the AMDSB could go about deciding which schools to close. The board paid very limited attention to those rules, board and staff members routinely manipulated the ARC process to frustrate the community's needs and rights. They gave out false information, ignored the community's petition. And the Ministers of Education through that time period turned a blind eye on the entire sordid process.

We are not told what those restrictions are on the use of the blood money they are getting from these sales, but we as a community cannot trust that the uses will be of any benefit to this community. Given the board's track record, can they be trusted to adhere to these restrictions?

Gone are the days when school trustees represented the community by whom they were elected. Instead we have only leeches which draw out our blood and build monuments to themselves at enormous and unnecessary public expense.

This community has been severely damaged by this board's malicious theft of our school. Whatever the board decides to do with their ill-gotten gains, our only consolation is that there is nothing else left that they can steal from us.

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