Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is the headline that we are all waiting to see in the Wingham Free Press.

It would be a positive sign that they have realized the errors of their ways, no longer acting like spoiled children, taking some responsibility for their community instead of making false accusations that make all of us look bad.

Perhaps it would be a sign that they have taken a course in Journalistic Ethics and now realize how they have been a largely negative force in North Huron.

They may also recognize that they have been successful in attracting only a few correspondents who are functionally literate.

Having attracted a group of people who missed school on the days that they taught spelling and civics , they could have explained to them that the school board and North Huron Council are two different bodies that do not share the "Town Hall". They could have been careful to help them understand that the consultant hired by Huron County Council was not hired by North Huron Council. They might have even got these poor souls to recognize that North Huron Council does not control the North Huron Police Force. Of course before they could get some of these finer points across to their correspondents, they would have to brush up on these matters themselves.

Well we can always hope that there will be brighter days ahead.

Brock Vodden

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